Blacken the Globe 2014

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There’s only so long a band can be around before most people would have heard your name, seen you live, or at least claim that you owe them money. Since late last century Frankenbok have been blowing into town after town, damaging hearing, and generally getting the job done where previously there wasn’t even any work.

They’re a staple of the Australian live circuit. The BOK are the real deal. They are a genuine band of brothers who love to play it hard, fast and loud, and they’re coming for your limited attention span…


Fantastic Industry response has seen DESECRATOR rise quickly through the masses by capturing and keeping audience’s attentions across Australia alongside such METAL greats as Forbidden, Warbringer, Mortal Sin, Hobb’s Angel of Death, Macabre and Toxic Holocaust as well as desecrating audiences to devestating effect through South East Asia on the bands first international tour.

Relentless touring and solid releases has cemented the Melbourne four piece’ place as one of the leading thrash bands in the Country.

The Schoenberg Automaton

Assembled from the scrap-heap of several prolific Australian metal bands, The Schoenberg Automaton are a mouthful and an earful of mind-bending technical death metal.

With a sound that’s unmistakeable yet hard to pin down, TSA made their presence known with a debut EP in 2011 that turned a lot of heads and set tongues wagging for a full-length.

With the early 2013 release of their debut LP, Vela, TSA created an album full of pulsating, devastating and original compositions that lives up to the hype and cements the band as a unique and genre-bending technical death metal band on the world stage.


Uncreation have built a strong cult following, delivering unrivalled showmanship and musical intensity that subverts genres and gets under the skin. They are a cosmic mix of volatile spontaneity and calculated precision. A cathartic experience that demands attention.

At the Blacken The Globe festival in 2014, they will finally launch their debut album. The dark psychedelic themes of the album are complimented by the artwork of Brian Itch, one of Australia’s leading visionary artists.

Atra Vetosus

Atra Vetosus is a melodic black metal band formed in March of 2011, in Launceston, Tasmania. Originally consisting of 2 members, Josh Gee (Vocals) and Josh Young (Instruments/Composition).

On November 17, 2011 their demo titled “A Palace Shrouded In Emptiness” was released via Immortal Frost Productions limited to 300 copies.

Soon after Atra Vetosus recruited a full line up in order to start playing shows.

In March of 2012 all the material for a full length album titled ”Voices From The Eternal Night” was written and ready to be recorded.

A year later the album had been recorded and mixed, ready for release. On March 20, 2013 the first full length album of Atra Vetosus “Voices From The Eternal Night” had been released via Immortal Frost Production limited to 500 copies.

Atra Vetosus presents a very dynamic and intense live show, filled with harsh vocals, fast and intense drums, melodic shredding guitars and intricate bass lines. Since becoming a live band Atra Vetosus has played many gigs over Tasmania, Victoria and New South Whales, with plans to conquer more states in its future.

Darker Half

Darker Half is a Melodic metal band from Sydney Australia, the band has released 2 albums, Duality (2009 Independent) and Desensitized (2011 Rockstar records/MGM) that have been well received both in Australia and abroad. The band has recorded a 3rd album with a planned early 2014 release. Darker Half has toured Australia with bands such as Queensryche, Stratovarius, Paul Di’Anno (ex Iron Maiden), Children of Bodom, Nightwish, Sabaton, Edguy, Warbringer and more.

They’ve nailed down a complex style and hard hitting sound that bridges the traditional and the new.

The energy of the quartet’s live performance is irresistible, no matter what your chief musical preference might be. On stage there is no ego or bullshit, just an exhilarating combination of underpinning metal genres like power, speed and thrash.


Southeast are the most remote heavy metal band in Australia. In the small community of Santa Teresa, they stand alone, preferring Randy Rhodes to Slim Dusty.

Influenced by classics such as Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Black Label Society they have created their own fusion sound with dual guitar attack, blistering solos and thumping dream beats.

Chief songwriter Chris Wallace write’s about dreaming, passing on stories from the old to the young generation. His songs have strong messages and catchy melodies.

In 2013 they release their debut EP “Let’s Rock” which sold out of its 200 pressings very fast. They have now recorded their debut album “Desert Metal,” set to release early this year.

The Horror

Inspired by late 80′s early 90′s Death, Grind, Thrash and Black Metal. THE HORROR was spewn forth through the acidic bubbles of a junkies last breath. Vokillest, Yunt was once again drawn to the mic like a bad habit that was never kicked. He had the “LSD” (Lead Singers Disease), molesting microphones was his thing. He lived by the grind and will surely die by the grind… Yunt’s doctor and prime caretaker is a fellow who goes by the name of Dr Munsago. The Doc likes to stick to the shadows. Being in the spotlight only incriminates him further for he mutilates, minces and murders with his weapon of choice, The Axe. The Docs partner in his riffing onslaught is a creature that calls itself The Nosebleeder. Nosebleeder earned its name not by how many times his nose bleeds, but by how many noses he makes bleed with his earth shattering Bass tasteyness. Last but not least, The Beast that bashes out the brutal beats. Skinsman, Tuldozer.

In 2013, The Horror served up a feast in the form of an Album. Some called it “Self Titled”, some called it “Untitled” some even named the album “Jeffrey”. But for now it remains an unsettled mystery.


With an emphasis built around song structure, the music while brutal in element still has traces of melody. HEADBORE has created a style unique to the Australian metal scene. With fast guitars, furious beats, thunderous bass, aggressive vocals fused with groove filled sections, guitar harmonies and the occasional clean tone all aspects of your metal needs are covered. Metal with feeling and passion is paramount and is very evident in their style. The debut album “Strength In Numbers” features 10 songs and was recorded by Andy Kite @ Against The Grain studio and mastered by the legendary Jens Bogren from Fascination Street Studios in Sweden, who has mastered bands such as, Opeth, Soilwork, Katatonia and Devin Townsend, just to name a few!


NoKTuRNL are a Alternative/Hard Rock 4piece band from Alice Springs NT AUS.

Formed in 1996, by Damien and Craig T, NoKTuRNL soon became a force to be reckoned with after being asked to tour with Spiderbait.

Having played at many festivals like: Pushover (Melbourne), Manly Youth Festival (Sydney), Big Day Out (Tour), Mud Fest (Innisfail), Woodford (1997-1998 & 98-99), Stompem’ Ground (Broome) just to name a few.

NoKTuRNL has toured and supported bands such as Spiderbait, Powder Finger, Nitocris, Public Enemy, Limp Bizkit, Henry Rollins, and Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

NoKTuRNL currently has a publishing deal with [SONY/ATV PUBLISHING].


Abysm are chaotic bogan black metal from Darwin. Born of the humid stew of a 2009 buildup, they quickly became known for their belligerent live performances, often featuring random acts of on-stage violence and audience abuse.

After several hiatuses and lineup changes, the band were slated to release a split 7″ with Brisbane occult horde Lustration before the label was shut down by German authorities. They have now propagated a hateful and abhorrent live performance showcasing a bleaker and more dissonant band.

Unbroken Expanse

A black leather demon grumbled…and staunched with the slightest of scowls through the thickest of nights…denim eyes…acid sweat…pubes like steel wool. Near-empty keg hanging from one of his tree-trunk arms. Shining ink of Angus on one. Jimi on the other.

Eyes peek from cracks and corners. A trail of high voltage flames creeps up behind this tortured beast. Thoughts of the past, when giants walked this earth and songs were all we knew, plague his scarred mind.

This stagnant material wasteland. He’d trudged through it for too many lifetimes. It tore at the soul. As if it were the last scrap of food between thousands of corporate, chemically enhanced mutant dogs.
But this was a new town. A fresh place to dance in the dirt.

As chains dragged to a halt and this wild thing roared to the sky, the cold desert swelled with hedonistic hellfire and rock and roll fury…

This place was Rock ‘n’ Roll. This beast was Unbroken Expanse.


Saturday 19th April. Doors open 1pm.


RSL Club, Schwarz Cres, Alice Springs, NT, Australia


All ages – under 18′s must be accompanied by an adult.


$25 available online now, or $30 at the door.

Buy tickets online now!